November 25, 2021


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State commits to advertise training for all kids

The Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE), launched the national conference on job evaluation.

The Department of State’s Principal Secretary (PS) for Curriculum Reform Implementation Prof. Fatuma Chege, who represents the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Education, Prof. George Magoha, noted that the government is committed to promoting education for all children, in particular for those with special needs and disabilities.

She said the government has a duty to ensure that children with special needs have access to education, noting that students with special needs are given an additional head lump sum of Sh2,300 on top of what is given to other learners.

“Similarly, a typical secondary learner receives Sh. 22,244 per year, while a learner with special needs or disabilities 57,974 Sh. receives each year, “she added.

During the official opening of the 3rd National KISE Conference on Special Education, the PS emphasized that education is a fundamental human right and the guiding principle of all measures underlying the Education 2030 Agenda, with which the countries have committed themselves to an inclusive and equitable high quality Ensure education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

She went on to say that the Ministry of Education has put in place a Policy on Special Needs and Inclusive Education and Training along with its Implementation Guidelines.

The PS said that the strategy documents deal with the provision of education for learners and trainees with special needs and disabilities. At the same time, she called on the KISE Council to ensure that the planned data center is set up for special needs for the country.

In his remarks, Dr. Norman Kiogora, the director of the Kenya Institute of Special Education, said the conference is critical to renewing the functional assessment, teaching, advocacy and redesign of schools to meet the mission of the new curriculum reforms, the potential Encourage every learner to have access to quality educational services and to be successful.

He said it will also contribute to the National Agenda for Education for All and Rights of People with Disabilities in Kenya to achieve Vision 2030 and sustainable development goals.

The theme of the conference is “Functional Assessment, Improving Access to Quality Services for Every Child and Adolescent”.

The conference brings together researchers, special education educators, teachers, students, parents, NGOs, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss inclusive education.


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