Stakeholders advocate inclusive, individualised training for particular wants youngsters

Given the need to end the stigma of children with special needs, actors in the education sector have advocated inclusive and individualized education.

These views were expressed during a one-day intensive training course for teachers of children with special needs, organized by the Center for Inclusive Education and Individualized Education (IEIEPC) in partnership with the Department of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Oyo at Wesley College of. Science, Elekuro, Ibadan was organized.

They found that inclusive education children would be able to collaborate with their peers in the same school setting using materials and equipment appropriate for their learning and not bundled in special schools or homes.

IEIEPC Director Mr. Oyeyinka Oluwawumi said in his keynote address that it is useful to have an individualized method of teaching different categories of learners structured to meet their learning needs in an inclusive environment.

Oluwawumi questioned the rationale for assessing and evaluating the progress of children with special needs using the same template as their peers with no special need.

He said the center “provides ongoing training for teachers, parents, social workers and other stakeholders on issues of inclusion and special needs education; To design and implement an individual educational plan for children / persons with disabilities in a unique way in order to improve the quality of life and also to help children with special needs to maximize their learning potential. “

“All over the world, students and youth are considered trustees of prosperity. If our hopes and aspirations as a country are to be realized, great attention must be paid to our children with special needs by both government and other stakeholders. Education of students with special needs is a huge task and it is the responsibility of teachers to ensure that students successfully access the curriculum and thereby inspire them to learn, ”said Oyo Education, Science and Technology Commissioner , Barr. Rahman Abiodun Abdu-Raheem.

The Governor’s Executive Assistant on Disability Issues, Barr. Ayodele Adekanbi urged parents of children with special needs to treat and love them on an equal footing with their capable children. He also urged the government to do its part towards the goal of inclusive education by providing the necessary equipment and materials and by designing public environments so that they are accessible to those with special needs.

In her talk entitled ‘Teacher-Parent Collaboration in the Management of Children / Individuals with Special Needs’, Professor Tolu Eni-Olorunda, President of the International Association of Special Education, Nigeria Chapter said that the goal of inclusive education should be achieved, Teachers and parents of children with special needs must see themselves as partners in development and commit themselves to working together for the benefit of children with special needs.

“The cooperation between parents and teachers in the care of children with special needs is not to be questioned if we have to record significant achievements in the education and development of these children. From time to time an awareness campaign should be carried out for parents and society, and society as a whole should accept children with special needs as this will help parents to present these children boldly without stigma, ”said Prof. Eni-Olorunda.

For Prof. John Oyundoyin from the Chair of Special Education at the University of Ibadan, the aim of all special needs education should be to enable the individual to lead an independent life.

This is what Prof. Oyundoyin explained when he presented his paper entitled “Best Practices for Inclusive and Special Education”.

Other lectures given during the training include “Classroom Management Strategies for Children with Special Needs” by Prof. OA Fakolade, represented by Mr. Abdullahi Asiru; “Effective teaching strategies for inclusive educators and special educators” by Dr. Isaiah Ojo Olugbenga and “ICT relevance for teachers with special educational needs” by Dr. Israel Olasunkanmi.

Enthusiastic attendees at the event, including Ms. Mary Popoola from HAL Basic School, Agodi, Ibadan, and Mr. Abayomi Agboola from Okere Secondary Grammar School, Saki, said the training provided them better with the knowledge on how to treat children with special Needs can teach care.

“Access to education has been so difficult for these children because most of the schools in their area are not available. even if they have primary school they may not have secondary school near them and that has led most of them to drop out of elementary education and not continue, but with that inclusive education they will be able to continue within their school University level environment, ”said Ms. Popoola.

“I was able to gain the right perception of inclusive education because inclusive education is a new method in the field of special education and we did not get the right orientation and awareness for it, but through this workshop I was able to know so many new things and the best Practices in applying and implementing inclusive education, ”said Agboola.


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