June 23, 2021


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Springsteen Launches Clot In The USA Tour on Broadway

2006, Madison Square Garden

Everyone’s hero, the working class, oppressed, betrayed, lied to, unemployed, hungry, homeless, disenfranchised, Bruce Springteen, did face a show on Broadway that made headlines this week for his vaccine policy and so on.
I call it “The Clot in the USA Tour”.

First, it was said that no one vaccinated with the Astra-Zeneca brand could attend. Springsteen On Broadway Banned to Fans Vaccinated with AstraZeneca Then that rule was relaxed to be more inclusive so non-Americans could attend the show. Good news for Canadian tourists. The Unvaxxten are licked ….

If you haven’t been vaccinated, Bruce suggests you go to the Jersey Shore and ask Madam Marie to tell you if you can ever go to one of his shows again. In the meantime … The Växten will have a homecoming on Broadway later this month. And the magic rats drive their pharmaceutical campaigns over the borders of democracy.

Pampered girls walking in the lobby drinking white wine on the velvet ropes
And the unvarnished outside live like shadows, always still, silent …

How we do our stand … down in Pharmaland!


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