Spotsylvania College Board orders libraries to take away ‘sexually express’ books | Training

“It’s up to us to make sure we do whatever the policy calls for, and if something needs strengthening, it’s up to us to do it,” said Sims.

But Abuismail said all existing processes “did not work” and requested an immediate review of all library collections in the school department.

He said he doesn’t like the idea that Rapp’s book will be on the shelves of the school library for another night and that the fact that it’s in a school library means that public schools “would be more likely to have our children read gay pornography than about Christ ”.

Abuismail accused department head Scott Baker of not being proactive by looking at school library holdings before parents raised concerns.

“DR. Baker, you saw this come from Northern Virginia – didn’t it occur to you to go and see what’s in our libraries?” He asked.

Baker said he would take responsibility for any mistake in library book selection.

“I wouldn’t have thought of doing an audit because I have great confidence in our librarians,” he said. “If we find that something is being overlooked in a process, we refine the process. There was no malicious intent here. We don’t have all the information. “

Battlefield rep Baron Braswell noted that what one person finds offensive may not be another person, and he also asked for time for the division’s staff to investigate internal processes.


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