September 6, 2021


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Specialists urge implementation of coverage on inclusive training, others

Experts in the fields of people with disabilities and education have called for the effective implementation of national inclusive education policies.

They also called for the implementation of other international and national conventions on the rights of people with disabilities in the country.

They called on Sunday during this year’s Global Inclusive Education Virtual Summer Camp, organized by the Comprehensive Autism and Related Disabilities Education and Training (CADET) Academy in partnership with the UK-based Nessy Learning and Educational Company.

The theme of the program was “Inclusive Education in a Post-COVID-19 World: Challenges and Opportunities”.

The experts said this would address the challenges that affect people with disabilities, including children with special needs.

Charles Abani, an international development expert and Nigerian-British diplomat, said some of the challenges faced by people with disabilities in Nigeria are poor implementation of the Disability Act, inadequate funding of inclusive education, the welfare-friendly approach of families and politicians Decision-makers regarding disability issues and low disability awareness.

He said that if the country continued with the animal welfare model, it would continue to face challenges in achieving the sustainable development goals related to disabilities.

Summer camp organizer and chief executive officer of CADET Academy and Dewdrops Community Center for Special Needs, Lola Aneke, said she was ready to help with challenges in inclusive education.

Prof. Temple Grandin, an American professor of animal science, urged parents and carers to work on developing things that autistic children are good at.


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