January 10, 2022


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Sneetch Meets Grinch – AGE OF AUTISM

Theodore Suess Geisel, known as Dr. Sweet, was a political cartoonist, advertising man, and of course best known for writing many of the most popular children’s books ever published. The Sneetches is about a shopkeeper who comes into town with a machine can that can put the stars on his stomach so that the simple belly sneetches can enjoy the benefits that the star belly sneetches have always had. Once the simple belly sneetches had stars, the star belly sneetches wanted to remove theirs. It is a story of discrimination that is relevant to the time. Relevant today, with a twist. Vaxxed versus ungevaxxed creates a deep social divide. It used to be just an “autism thing”. While CDC is pushing Booster on the first Covid vaccines, 2 doses for Pfizer and Moderna, 1 dose for J&J, Americans are heading towards the end of Sneetches. How often do Americans have to go through the vaccination machine? What about those who never get vaccinated? If you haven’t read the story, here it is below.


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