November 3, 2021


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Secaucus Board Of Schooling Election Outcomes As They Come In

SECAUCUS, NJ – It’s 8 p.m. Elections to a heated race for the NJ Governor and other local races are now closed.

In Secaucus, Mayor Mike Gonnelli and his council panel Robert Costantino, Mark Dehnert and Bill McKeever ran for re-election. There were no challengers.

However, the Secaucus school board had an extremely overcrowded field of candidates this year.

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Here are the vote counts as they come in for the school board (keep in mind that these are unofficial results and won’t be officially announced until a few days after the election when all postal votes are counted)

  • Joan Cali
  • Maria Eccles
  • Bill Miller
  • Audry Yule
  • Ruby Kish (Change We Need Slate)
  • Abigail Gonzalez (Change We Need Slate)
  • Leah Farinola (Change We Need Slate)
  • Alexander for men
  • Wear Chan
  • David Kraatz
  • Kelli D’Addetta

Current board members Joan Cali and Mary Eccles sought re-election, but Secaucus voters have said they want an entirely new list on the board due to the board’s lack of transparency and communication, especially when schools closed last year.

Bill Miller walked on a platform the Secaucus school district kept closed for too long last year.

Kish, Gonzalez and Farinola ran on a similar platform, specifically saying that students with special needs could have returned to school earlier as they were in neighboring counties like Rutherford. However, they received some criticism for not having all of the children in the school district.

D’Addetta is a 45 year old Secaucus resident who previously served on the board and now wants to return. She has three children in the school district and has served as Clarendon PTA President and Vice President.

Yule is also currently on the Clarendon PTA.

Kraatz ran on a platform that masks should be optional and that schools closing last year was wrong and lasted too long.

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