February 9, 2022


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Schooling officers tout Gov. Whitmer’s proposed funds

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) — On Wednesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer proposed a 2023 budget focusing on Michigan’s economy and education.

“This is a great education budget,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice in a press release. “The plan associated with recruitment and retention efforts is very strong.”

Rice expresses in the press release that the retention bonuses proposed will help retain teachers a support staff. He also comments on how recruitment investments can help districts develop programs to help support teachers and those looking to teach.

“This budget would help advance every single goal of the state’s Top 10 state strategic education plan and, in so doing, would improve the lives of our more than 1.4 million Michigan public school children,” said Rice.

According to the Michigan Department of Education’s press release, the retention program includes $1.5 billion set aside for bonuses to educations who agree to continue working the next four years in their school districts. The proposal also has $50 million designated for annual onboarding teachers and mentoring programs and $75 million for innovative approaches focusing on the needs of regional educators.

“Our needs are urgent,” said Rice. “We are encouraging the legislature to accelerate this funding through a supplemental budget passed by the start of spring to give local school districts the time to begin to implement these efforts before the start of the next school year .”

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Within the proposed budget, Whitmer recommends increasing funding for preschool and afterschool programs, economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, special education students and students where English is their second language.


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