June 18, 2021


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Schooling Highlight — Lisa Rogers | Faculties

Worthy of recognition

Tell us about your educational highlight or your performance. What is it and how did you do it?

“When I went back to school for my Masters in Education Administration. I was fortunate enough to work with great staff at Whittier Elementary for my first administrative job. That experience taught me so much about leading an executive. We have achieved our goals. ” She suffered loss, celebrated births, weddings, retirement, and became a family. You will always have a special place in my heart. ”

Why is this service important to you? “I believe that building a positive culture and establishing teamwork within a school is very important. It sets the tone for a successful school. As the headmaster, I hope to continue to have the support of families and staff to create a positive Enable learning. ” Environment for our students. ”

How much did you have to work to achieve this goal or honor? “I’m still working on reaching more goals. I will never stop learning and continuing to educate myself to grow and improve in all areas. There is always room for growth and improvement.”

what plans do you have for the future? “I look forward to taking on the role of Headmistress for Pershing Elementary. I look forward to meeting and working with the Pershing staff and students.

“I also plan to spend time at the lake and travel with my family: Tim, Jace and his fiancé Whitney, Jaiden and my one year old grandson JC”

NAME: Lisa Rogers.

SCHOOL AND CLASS: Pershing Elementary School Head 2021-22 school year.

RESIDENCE: Muskogee.

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: “I taught Special Education for 15 years before becoming Headmaster. Four years in Porum Public Schools and 11 years in Alice Robertson Junior High, Muskogee Public Schools. This is my 22nd year in education . “

EDUCATION OR AWARDS: Alice Robertson Junior High Site Teacher of the Year 2009, Whittier Elementary staff received District Team of the Month February 2020. Whittier Elementary State and National School of Character 2017.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND / OR AWARDS: “I enjoy working with students with special needs. I volunteered for the Special Olympics and participated in the Summer Games in Stillwater and the Winter Games in Norman. During the summer I work as a consultant with students with special needs Camp Bennett for Muskogee Public Schools. We have an amazing camp that features arts, music, science, recreation and community activities. “


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