February 7, 2022


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Saying goodbye to somebody whom I like. (Optimistic word)

Goodbyes are hard for everyone no matter where you stand in life. This post would be a little of a flashback to me. I am sure we all have the not-so-successful love story, right? Well, even I had one and I still, to date like, admire and respect that person.

Now, this present day I wouldn’t say I love him but that love outgrew and turned itself into much of concern and respect to each other. I guess it’s the same with him too. As we grew older, we realized, even though we couldn’t make it, it’s ok to be in touch.

Ending a relationship on a bad note is the worst thing that could happen. But I guess I got lucky with this. Having to move away on a mutual note is the biggest blessing ever. And having his call/message on my phone even after years of moving apart is bliss!

Saying goodbye to someone whom I like. (positive note)

Goodbye for good:

For a breakup, there might be many reasons and even ours was no different. But I guess it takes two mature people to break upon a mutual note and not have hard feelings for each other is the rarest thing possible.

I don’t want to go into detail about my breakup story but just look at the positiveness that we still have around. For a breakup, there might be many reasons but all it takes that one reason to keep in touch and know what the other is up to.

In this social media age, it is nearly impossible to hide our lives from the world. Well, if you are a social media person like me. Looking at each other pictures on stories and posts and not feeling sad or having any other negative feelings, is where you have matured enough to enjoy the success of the other person!

But finding happiness in those things that matter. You would reach a stage where you still talk, message, still laugh at the old memories.

This is what matters right? That person might not be with you, besides you as your life partner. But that is a person whom you can look up if you need anything or just wanted to talk to. (Calling that person at appropriate time matters, though)

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