September 29, 2021


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Sanofi Prioritizes Worker Properly-Being to Assist Working Dad and mom Succeed

1. What programs and initiatives have helped working mothers succeed in your company? Why were they so successful right now?

Flexibility is one of the keys to being successful in a company to help employees focus on work – not hours – and focus on the results. We offer a variety of flexible work programs such as remote, short-time work, temporary part-time and even hourly leave to give mothers additional flexibility. In addition, we enable managers to support and use flexibility in the workplace.

2. Why is it so important, especially in 2021, to help mothers in your company achieve outstanding performance?

The pandemic has emphasized the fact that women play many roles: wife, mother, professional life, private life. First, companies must do everything possible to retain women by offering a variety of flexible work programs, benefits to support women and their families, and an environment that supports working families. Second: We need strong external partnerships. Some examples at Sanofi include assisting employees in need of care – access to supportive care, even simple things like errand services to help them with their day-to-day duties.

3. What has your company done to help working mothers move forward from within?

This summer, for the first time, we offered a career development week where two hours a day were specifically blocked for professional development. We have partnered with employee resource groups such as our Women’s, Parent, and Multicultural Networks to ensure awareness and participation. We also offer solid benefits including support care, college counseling, virtual tutoring, access to special needs assistance, concierge services, digital family planning and coaching, and much more. For all of these programs to be successful, we take a multi-channel communication approach, including virtual meetings, internal social media, printed brochures, and more. We have to reach employees and their families in different ways and pick them up where they are.

Our company also has a parenting resource group called ParentsConnect – it’s a great opportunity for working parents to be part of a community, connect with mentors, and learn about professional development.

Sanofi recognizes that when working mothers are successful, we are all successful and the diversity of thoughts and contributions to the workplace and our business is enhanced.

4. What future initiatives do you plan to take to help working mothers make further progress?

Sanofi is committed to achieving equal representation of women and men in its senior executives by 2025. Sanofi has a Gender Balance Board whose members support regional networks around the world, sponsor initiatives to promote gender equality in the company and act as role models.


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