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Running a blog it’s, and why did I select. Learn extra to learn about me.

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve written about myself and BlogChatter has this amazing #BlogChatterHalfMarathon where we get some topics that revolve around you! And I thought to myself, why don’t I use this as an opportunity and tell my readers about “Blogging is that, and why did I make up my mind”.

Since I was very shy during the college years, I was always the quiet. And journalism was a turning point for me. Everyone has to have a say in this conclusion! It took me a while to get out of my comfort zone where I wasn’t speaking in public.

Blogging and my journey

Why blog

Well, even though I tried very hard, I got very nervous and therefore kept myself from speaking publicly. I later discovered that I could communicate through scriptures. And that’s how blogging came about. Blogging was my perfect way of telling stories, communicating, and conveying my views.

When did it start?

Back in 2009 I guess. First year of my journalism degree. As I already mentioned, it was my chosen path to convey or, better said, just talk! My first blog was I didn’t write about a specific topic or niche, just some random topics I wrote.

My second blogging website was in 2013. Here I experimented with various niches ranging from news, feature writing to technology. I became a mom in 2016 and then almost in 2018 I wrote about motherhood and my favorite article is happiness, you come to me and I will wait.

This was the turning point. I’ve started participating in various blogging challenges and taking the blogging journey to a whole new level. A couple of blogging challenges on this website and I realized that with my own website I wanted to turn this passion into a profession.

In 2019 came into being and after that there is no going back.

In my next post I would like to discuss why I chose Momlifeandlifestyle as my website name. keep going!

This blog post is part of #BlogChatterHalfMarathon.

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