September 19, 2021


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Roanoke County College Board candidates tackle politics, points | Training

“I’m used to my yard signs being taken, that seems to happen with every election,” said Moretz. “It makes a difference whether someone starts up [small] Hofschild and someone who takes the time to spray paint and slit open a large banner. “

Facciani is a retired speech pathologist who has worked on the east and west coasts with four children, one in college and three still in the county school system. She started paying more attention to the school authorities during the coronavirus shutdown, she said, disagreeing with many of her opponents’ voices.

“He’s failed to show leadership skills and has proven time and again that he’s unreliable and easily influenced by bad actors,” Facciani said. “So I decided to run for his position because I knew I could do better.”

Facciani declined to provide any further details about the bad actors and kept brief on previous leadership mistakes.

“It’s not too difficult to go back and look up,” said Facciani. “He didn’t manage to get our children back to school earlier.”

Moretz is a wealth advisor and has two children attending Hidden Valley High School and his wife is a professional educator. He was appointed to the school board in 2015 to fill a vacancy, was then elected in 2016 and last stood for re-election in 2017 without opposing candidates.

“Some of the political discourse leaked onto the local elections, and I think it’s wonderful that people are getting excited about local elections, but I mean, come on,” said Moretz. “There is no room for that. I think we could still have a respectful campaign. “


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