January 31, 2022


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Rihanna is pregnant and the photographs are UNREAL

Rihanna is going to be a mother! *squeaks!*

Stop the press – Rihanna is PREGNANT!

The singer-turned-business-mogul recently showed off her growing baby bump during a winter walk through the streets of New York with rapper-daddy-to-be A$AP Rocky, and the photos from her announcement are all gorgeous. We have instant toothache from that forehead kiss — and we also wonder why we didn’t drape our baby bumps in more jewels (sorry kids, that’s goddess-level accessories).

Check them out below:

But seriously, aren’t the photos just magical? According to people, they were recorded in Harlem where A$AP Rocky grew up, so it was the perfect place to show they’re starting a family of their own. And despite the recent snowstorm that hit NYC, Riri doesn’t seem at all impressed, sporting rocking spike heels, a hot pink parka and tons of colorful jewelry. And we’re sure her jacket wasn’t left unbuttoned the whole time before the parent in you starts worrying about Rihanna catching a cold.

The only thing that really bothers us is the length of her distressed jeans. If you’ve ever accidentally walked through a mud puddle at the height of a ’90s grunge era, you know what we mean. These jeans were wet to the knee. Shudder.

There’s no due date yet, but this pregnancy announcement likely means fans eager for new music from the singer will have to wait even longer once she gets her hands full with new motherhood. That being said, we can’t wait to see Rihanna with her cute baby in tow. Congratulation!


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