July 30, 2021


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Right now’s Father or mother is now obtainable on Apple Information+

Current and previous editions of Today’s Parent and all SJC Media titles are available for reading in this premium app

If you love magazines, then you should get to know Apple News +. Think of it as a digital journalism buffet, an all-access pass to all of your favorite magazines and newspaper titles for a subscription of $ 12.99 per month for the whole family.

What is Apple News +?

If you have an Apple device, you probably know Apple News, a news aggregator app designed for the Apple ecosystem and accessible on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. While Apple News has plenty of free articles – especially breaking news, trending, and local news – it also has paywall content that requires an Apple News + subscription to be accessed. Do you remember texture? Apple acquired it in 2018 and developed it into News +, giving readers access to an unprecedented amount of magazine issues, including previous issues from 2018 onwards. Also known as the Netflix of Magazines, Apple News + offers unlimited access to more than 300 magazines, newspapers and publications after a free one-month trial for a subscription fee of $ 12.99 per month. With the family sharing function, the subscription can be shared by a family of up to six people.

What are the benefits of reading Today’s Parent on Apple News +?

Apple News + reflects the continued evolution of digital magazines and the enduring value of consuming content in the output format designed to deliver a complete, premium content experience. The Apple News + platform makes a strong case for taking magazine issues digitally, with proprietary formatting and easy-to-use features like a simple, ubiquitous table of contents that takes you straight to a story, the ability to share and save individual stories, and thumbs -Scrolling design – no zooming required (although font settings are provided if you need them). Tracks can also be downloaded for offline reading – perfect for disconnected air travel or mobile data savers. Problems usually fall on Apple News + first (before print subscribers and newsstands) and sometimes include exclusive “live covers” where videos, animations, and other interactive elements enhance the reading experience.

How Do I Find Today’s Parents on Apple News +?

Open the Apple News app on your Apple device. Click the search tool, find today’s parent, then click the plus sign on the right to add it to your library. A pop-up window allows you to sign up for notifications so that you know when new articles or issues are published.

To access the landing page for Today’s Parent, go to the Follow tab at the bottom and navigate to your title. There you can see the latest news and stories from the brand, past issues, as well as the topics we cover. You can also turn on Family Sharing from the Follow tab.

Add more titles to your News + library using the search or episode screens. All of the titles you choose will be downloaded automatically when a new issue is ready. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the cover picture to download the issue or to browse previous issues. Happy reading!


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