July 8, 2021


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Renueva tu relación en 7 pasos

The last year and a half have been difficult. Now that in some countries we are entering a summer with much fewer restrictions than last summer, it is good to think about restoring some frivolity. According to a study by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, a more playful relationship can rekindle the spark.

The study’s lead author, Kay Brauer, a researcher in the Department of Psychology, noted that people who did well at “other-directed play” or joking with others “could be especially important to long-term relationships Revive monotony during the game quarantine “.

Playful people, she said, tend to share private jokes, surprise their partner, give them affectionate nicknames, or share experiences, like their first date or the disastrous time they tried karaoke. Look for opportunities to make private jokes or act silly, like your next date at an amusement park. “If there was ever a time to surprise us and our partner with the new and unexpected, it is now,” said Brauer.

Forging joint plans, like a vacation, a home renovation project, or even just a visit to a new restaurant, makes our brains want new experiences, Knight said, “which in turn can increase attraction and interest in our partner.”

It also strengthens their bond, Awosan said: “Research has shown that when couples work as a team, the satisfaction and quality of their relationship increases.”

In the past year and a half, “people have lost jobs, loved ones, and a sense of themselves,” Awosan said. “We have all lost something.” Planning something together symbolizes hope and optimism.

“It’s about the future,” he said. “He says, ‘We’re moving forward.’

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