July 23, 2021


by: admin


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Remedy Is A 4 Letter Phrase

This ad for a probiotic was on my Facebook feed yesterday. Look at the word used to describe the product:

It is NOT a “cure” for autism.

I replied politely but firmly from the universe that autism is treatable.
Can you think of any other serious medical diagnosis for which “cure” is forbidden? I wasn’t able to do this until COVID came into town and said, “Thanks for lubricating the wheel, autism, we’ll take it from here.” Think about it. We CANNOT ask where COVID is coming from or we will be branded racist. We CANNOT ask who knew about COVID and covered it up, or we will be branded as Q-spiracy theorists. We’re NOT in a position to talk about how to cure COVID with cheap, over-the-counter medical interventions that have been established for decades. There are only pandemic lockdowns, masks and vaccinations, the approved topics of conversation. Kind of like parenting, behavioral, and genetics for autism.



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