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Regardless – AGE OF AUTISM


By Cathy Jameson

If I did a quick internet news search for the word anyway, I would be sure to have thousands of hits containing this statement:

… regardless of the vaccination status

For outdoor events, it is compulsory to wear a mask, regardless of the vaccination status.

A mask is required for indoor events, regardless of the vaccination status.

All visitors to the building apply to social distance regardless of their vaccination status.

Weekly COVID tests are required regardless of vaccination status.

Public meetings are back on schedule. We invite everyone to participate regardless of their vaccination status.

The definition of independent is according to Oxford Languages without paying attention to the current situation; despite the prevailing circumstances.

In the past few years, stating the vaccination status was not a prerequisite for more contagious diseases for indoor events, let alone for outdoor events. Proof of health with a nasal swab was never required to go to work or college, although other viruses are common year-round. Regardless, and more importantly, given the prevailing circumstances, the current situation that many are now living in because of a virus is dire.

Cj jab or jobIt’s bad. And now in some places it matters what the vaccination status is.

Vaccination status determines whether nurses keep their jobs in the hospital regardless of their qualifications. Choice of Cj teachers

Teachers face the same dilemma. They are told that despite their years of dedication in their field, they need to get the jab. Will they take the push and all of the risks that come with it just to keep their jobs?

Another important question: Can school districts deal with the loss of their staff or recover from a massive dropout of teachers? NYC’s school system will lose compassionate, highly skilled professionals and years of experience. Losing them jeopardizes the continuity of education that all students need to be successful in the classroom.

CJ aboutOthers faced with vaccine mandates in the Chicago area left their positions early in the school year. I feel for the families who have been abandoned, but what better way to make a statement than to put a company in its place.

Unfortunately, hitting someone where it hurts works both ways.

Despite being on the United Network for Organ Sharing list, organ transplant patients are denied necessary medical care Cj waiting listIntervention they have been waiting for for years. Only when they choose the COVID vaccine, as a heart patient was recently told, will they be considered for the procedure. These people are fighting for their lives! You must now argue with medical bodies over ethical guidelines that did not mention this type of provision when they were put on the list.

Withholding life-saving medical care from patients is a new level of cruelty.

More cruel and unusual punishments have begun and threaten other groups. As college students and our brave military face these mandates, I found some good news last week .

The goal? To protect the rights of peoples.

Cj TN legislatureGreen, a doctor and distinguished war veteran, wrote in the letter: “The law of the United States is clear. The compulsory vaccination is illegal for military personnel before they are fully licensed (Doe v. Rumsfeld, 341 F. Supp. 2d 1 (DDC 2004). This did not take place and could take a few more months. “

As challenging and scary as it is to speak up, I applaud the two soldiers who did just that. I’m impressed that a judge paused part of the vaccine madness for a small group of student athletes too.

“When the law forces a person to choose between his or her religious beliefs or the loss of advantages, the law places a heavy burden on the person’s freedom of worship,” wrote the judge …

The news can be so depressing. Anyway, I read it anyway.

As I read it, I will refer to as many sources as I can think of, including this little book. I carry it with me almost every day Cj constitution Basis now. The longer the restrictions drag on, the more illogical mandates we have as a nation, the more important the struggle becomes. I don’t want to fight. I want to live as freely as we once did. But we can no longer say that we live in the freest nation. Not when those in power disregard the principles our nation founded.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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