June 26, 2021


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Reader, Reader What Do You See? Tie Dye!

This is my oldest daughter. For as long as I can remember she’s been wearing a magenta top and blue jeans during the day. At least a decade. It’s your choice. And she is allowed to make some decisions herself – like every adult. Until yesterday when I “helped” her.

Kim: Here are jeans, today choose the pair you want. Here are socks! Pick the pair you want today. Here are your cool NEW white sneakers! (Also a huge exit and leap forward from black Uggs.) And look! A beautiful pink tie-dye shirt! “

Miss M: No. Small shirt. (That means their usual short-sleeved Hanes magenta t-shirt.)

Kim: How about a big shirt? (That means a sweatshirt and always a solid dark pink.)

Miss M: NO! Small shirt.

Kim starts singing the Sesame Street theme song as a distraction, changes the words “… come and play with a new tie-dye shirt!”

My: NOOOO! Small shirt.

Kim: OK, Miss M. Here’s your little shirt. (She put it on.) Looks great. And here is the BIG SHIRT! (As I start popping it over her head.)

I held my breath. UP put her arms up her sleeves! YESSSSSSS !!!!

Miss M wore the new pink shirt all day!

I’m proud of her.

Dye your tie! My oh my!

Great shirt! Big milestone!


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