August 10, 2021


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Pupil with Autism Charged with Felony

While the world is in conflict over Covid, the autism world continues to collapse on God knows what worries and horrors. Anne Dachel catalogs the nightmare that families, schools and soon entire state systems face. How long have we had great BLUE Acceptance Messages about Autism? Even so, the penalties are increasing. How long has neurodiversity preached that autism is just a difference in thinking? Even so, the penalties are increasing. How many billions have been spent on useless genetics and other studies (puppets!)? And still the penalties go up.

Here is a case that will sink your heart. A 12 year old boy in trouble for writing about a video game. Let’s talk about the video game. It’s called “Red Dead Redemption”. His rating is M for adults, ages 17+. Blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, strong language, drug and alcohol use America, 1899. The end of the Wild West era began as lawmen hunt down the last remaining gangs of outlaws. Those who do not surrender or succumb are killed.

“Jadon’s favorite video game is Red Dead Redemption, a game he played with his older brother to create a bond. Clips posted online show the main character using gasoline to create what the game calls” bottles of fire “and then put everything on his own Burns away. Jadon read it that way in an online description of the game. “

The boy with autism is 12 years old and if he is like my own children, his developmental and emotional age does not match his chronological age. My daughter is 26 and writes Elmos World and Blues Clues and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. If she was playing or watching Red Dead Redemption, in time she would write it. In fact, she saw me prepare this post and she said, “It’s a fire. It’s a fire.” She has no intention of making or lighting a fire. I know that. I don’t want to blame mom for this situation. I am sure she has her hands full, like us, to the point of overflowing. Who of us hasn’t babysit the video game or YouTube for a precious moment so we can use the bathroom, work from home, and take a deep breath? The consequence for the boy is steep. And he’s only 12. What happens when he’s 18, 25? 35?

By Anne Dachel

I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS INSANE …. BTW ….. we are told that teachers in Cobb County are “experts” at dealing with disabled students.

August 4, 2021, KMOV4, St. Louis, MO: 12-year-old Georgia college student indicted with autism

COBB COUNTY, Georgia (WGCL) – A 12-year-old Cobb County student is charged with a crime after threatening to burn people and property at his school. But, he has argued with Autism and his family that proper protocols for students with disabilities were not followed before charges were brought.

Jadon Ringland’s family told CBS46 that he only repeated what he saw and heard on a video game. Repeating sentences is a diagnosed symptom of his disorder, also known as “scripting”.


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