September 5, 2021


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Pune colleges for specifically abled need coverage framework to renew offline schooling

PUNE: Schools for disabled children are calling on the government to develop an education policy for them so that their education, which was interrupted by the pandemic, can be resumed. You have pointed out that online education is difficult for these children and proper education is more like therapy for them. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all academic calendars have collapsed and schools have not been able to function regularly.

Sadhana Godbole, Executive Director of the Prasanna Autism Center, said, “It has been almost 17 months since the proper education of these particularly disabled children came to a standstill. We have autistic children in our center and online education is not a viable option for them. These children benefit from personal interaction. Much has been said about the reopening of mainstream schools, but no attention has been paid to the education and training of disabled children. For them, their training is like therapy. Politicians should pay attention to this issue. We have requested permission to conduct offline sessions with a limited number of students in class. At least on this matter a discussion should be started. “

Radiya Gohil, founder and trustee of the Prayatna Foundation, an organization that provides a variety of education to students with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, De Lange Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, and learning disabilities, also said face-to-face interaction is vital for these children. “It’s important because online learning limits us in many ways. Also, parents are now finding it very difficult to deal with behavioral problems and frustrations that have developed in the students, ”she said.

According to experts, while online education may not necessarily be a suitable option, it does help keep students and teachers in touch. Mridula Das, Founding Trustee of the Prayatna Foundation, said, “The response to online sessions has been good. The students were very happy to see and communicate with their teachers. We have also made online classes possible for some of our students in need by providing them with tabs, phones and data plans. “

Meanwhile, state Department of Education officials said efforts are being made to continue training students with special needs, but a decision to reopen schools is pending. Dr. Kamaladevi Awate, deputy director of the State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT), said, “We have created special online learning materials for such students. Our officials have held meetings with parents to inform them of any special activities these students must do in order for them to do such activities at home. We have made this material available to various schools and NGOs. ”


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