July 22, 2021


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Prince George seems similar to dad in his eighth birthday photograph

The little prince has grown up!

Happy birthday, Prince George! In keeping with their tradition of posting new photos of the children on their birthdays, Prince William and Kate have shared a new portrait of their big boy, who will turn eight on July 22nd – and he looks just like his father!

The cute snapshot his mother took again in her country house shows George in a striped polo shirt and dark blue shorts on the hood of a Land Rover. And although Kate recently admitted that her children get annoyed when she tries to take too many photos of them, the future king smiles broadly into the camera.

It’s that smile that really gives us William vibes! That and George’s sandy hair, reminiscent of his father as a little boy. His 3 year old brother Prince LouisShe looks a lot more like her mom and many fans think Princess Charlotte, 6, shares functions with the Queen.

If you add a very relatable caption to the photo, it seems like William and Kate were all parents who can’t believe how old their oldest is: “Tomorrow eight (!) Will be 🥳🎂” That exclamation point says it all, doesn’t it ? ?

If we look back on last year’s birthday photos, it’s clear that this was a big year for Prince George, who grew up and really matured.

It has been an exciting week for the young royal, donning his hottest little suit to watch England and Italy go on April 29th Boss baby comparisons, laughs). We hope his big day is a winner.


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