October 27, 2021


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Prime Minister Johnson lets the cat out of the bag: the vaccine doesn’t cease you catching Covid or spreading it

Speaking on Sky News last Friday, when the UK Prime Minister called on the public to have their third Covid vaccination, he made a remarkable admission:

“… the double vaccination offers a lot of protection against serious illness and death, but it does not protect against infection and also not against transmission.”

That doesn’t explain why the government is stealing a wrecking ball from the nursing home sector by insisting that all of its employees be vaccinated and by exposing a national health service – already brought to its knees – to similar threats. Our original Covid lockdown in March 2020 was touted by the government as “Six Weeks to Save the NHS”, our hospital and nursing home workers were hailed as heroes – they actually were, and many or most are now through exposure to the disease Have Immunity: None of this explains why they are hung up to dry or trampled by any opportunist political class. The reason for vaccination passports is also negated.

Johnson admits that there is no scientific basis on which these actions protect the public: so who or what are they for? In the words of the distinguished former BBC historian / journalist Neil Oliver, “We are not stupid”.


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