Porter County mother or father fights for equal entry to public training for youngster with particular wants | Native Schooling

Go on patrol with Aaron Crawford, a Cpl. with the Lowell Police Department while talking about joining the force, DUI enforcement scholarships, and police jiu-jitsu training.

This is usually achieved by creating an IEP that outlines any adjustments or specific goals for the child. Michael said the only enforcers of Article 7 are parents and families. The Department of Education or any other agency is not responsible for verifying each student’s IEP. Michael said an administrative system was put in place to allow parents to challenge an IEP by filing due process.

Choice between health, education

Schwarten first attempted to use its PCES subsidiary services in 2016 and 2019. In both cases, Schwarten said she felt the IEPs offered were medically unsafe for her daughter.

Schwarten’s daughter was born prematurely and suffers from several respiratory diseases. In addition to asthma, her daughter has bronchopulmonary dysplasia and tracheal dysplasia. Under these conditions, Schwarten said, her daughter needs close monitoring because, for example, unlike an adult, she cannot always tell when an asthma attack is starting. It can also cause her to have difficulty swallowing.

Depending on where they live in the county, Schwarten’s daughter would attend Valparaiso Community Schools. But she said PCES told her that her daughter could only have a nurse with her if she went to the SELF Special Education Center.

SELF has elementary, middle and high school classes and offers additional services such as occupational and physiotherapy for the students who need them, the website says. It also offers preschool services.


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