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Podcast Showcase: Parenting Not possible – The Particular Wants Survival Podcast

Welcome to the next in the Podcast Showcase series, where we share podcasts with you in the words of the podcasters themselves. This time, we talk to Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast.

Sum up your podcast in three sentences

This podcast is a combination of interview format with professionals, individuals sharing their stories, and myself speaking alone on a topic of choice in either of those categories. Each week we offer compassionate advice for all stages of your life. It’s the conversations you would have with your best friend if your best friend was an expert like me!

Who is your ideal listener? Who loves your show?

Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Anyone in the disability community, whether it is a parent or sibling of a disabled person, a self-advocating person with a disability, a professional or an ally in the disability community.

What made you start this podcast?

I wanted an opportunity to continue to share information in the disability community worldwide in a free forum. And I wanted to expand the legacy of my daughter Elizabeth who died of Mitochondrial Disease at the age of 17 in 2013.

What have you learned about your subject thanks to this podcast?

So, so much. I meet so many experts, read so many books and articles and have the best chats thanks to this podcast. It is a phenomenal community builder!

What has your experience of podcasting been? What do you love / hate about the process?

I love the guests and the audience interaction with the messages I get. On the downside, I have in effect 2-3 full time jobs, so I need other people to help with the podcast and that costs money. I’ve tried to keep the podcast ad-free and all about the content, but that also means it’s not as professionally done and it costs me money to produce.

It’s a labor of love. And I cannot seem to break through a certain number of subscribers and downloads per episode to get to the “bigtime”.

If someone wants to start listening to your podcast, which episode would you recommend they start with? Why?

Not episode one! LOL! I have definitely gotten better as time has gone on and learned so much about how to do this show better.

I would say that anything in 2021 and on would be fine to start from. The end-of-year shows or first show of the year are always my favorites because they really get you going on a high note!

Which other podcasts do you love listening to?

Creating Confidence by Heather Monahan, Gary Vee’s stuff, Parenting Our Future with Robbin McManne, Lomah Disability Podcast, The Autism Dad Podcast, The Mama Bear Podcast.

If people want to find you online, where can they do so?

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