February 11, 2022


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Pfizer Delays Covid Vaccine Bid for Infants and Toddlers

Note: Pfizer postpones FDA request for Covid vaccine for kids under 5 I was reading the comments on the New York Times Facebook page and was frankly appalled by the comment you see in the photo. The post is from a wide open public site, so I have no qualms sharing it. A1B0D099-3D10-4F74-8289-A9D56841D2EBA mother is supposed to protect her children, not proclaim in public that she fears they will kill her. This is the extent of the fear driven into many peoples’ brains during the Covid lockdown and media blitz. I looked her up – she’s a minister (mail order?) and wrote about safe sleeping habit for babies. Send her healing thoughts – to ease her worry.

And why the delay, Pfizer? Feels a bit like Buffalo Bill turning down a nice chubby gal because she has a touch of eczema and there’s another chubbier gal walking up the street eager to lend a hand in getting that sofa into the white van..

Just imagine all the brides now getting ready to “fire” their ring bearers and flower girls – because they won’t be vaccinated.

By Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

Pfizer-BioNTech is postponing its rolling application to the Food and Drug Administration to expand the use of its two-dose Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to 4 years.

The move means that vaccines for this age group will not be available in the coming weeks, a setback for parents eager to vaccinate their young children.

Pfizer said on Friday that it will wait for its data on a three-dose series of the vaccine, because it believes three doses “may provide a higher level of protection in this age group.” Data on the third dose is expected in early April, the company said. Read more at NBC News Pfizer postpones FDA request for Covid vaccine for kids under 5


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