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Perceive the sibling targets” It’s as much as us to clarify!

Having two or more children gives you an idea that says, “Both of them would play together and I could take some time off from the children”. “Ended and you could hear:” This is mine “” I won’t give it to you and the younger one would say: “Mom, I want the toy”

Sounds similar? Well, I’m sure you would connect with the scene above and laugh a little. If I may say this is the story of any home with two or more children. Intervening to control the situation becomes mandatory.

But that would repeat itself in no time and you have to jump right back in! Instead, help them understand the concept of sharing. You can read my posts how children learn to share where i explained some points that worked for me and i stay in a common family.

Make them able to solve the problems of sharing toys with each other. It would take a long time and then they would understand. (They’re kids, after all!)

Sisters enjoying their game!

This relationship maintenance:

This loving relationship, from being a sibling to being sibling, needs a lot of care! It should be noted that sibling relationships are only family relationships that last longer than any family relationship! Having a positive sibling relationship in childhood would last until they are. Likewise the negative sibling relationships.

Solve yourself:

I agree that this is one hell of a job teaching siblings how to resolve their fights or disputes. First, we need to stay calm and not lose calm. Second, if you say “the concept of sharing”, they would agree with what you are saying. This would go on for a while and then start again. It’s like back to number one!

This would take a lot of time as siblings are always finalizing who gets on first? Who gets the remote control, their favorite place on the couch and so on? Our commitment should be there, but sometimes it’s okay to let them decide.

Sibling goalsSibling goals

Yes, some would cry and mostly the older child has to let go of the younger. All of this is part of their learning. And it also depends on how we explain the word “siblings” to them. As I said before, the sibling relationship of “US” has to be cultivated.

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