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Passion Concepts for Adults with Inattentive ADHD

Since my diagnosis of inattentive ADHD in 1992, I have focused on improving myself and helping others with the disorder. That was my focus: what’s going on and how can I help? Even now, when I join Facebook groups and ADHD subreddit, my posts usually offer advice that has helped me manage symptoms. Even though I knew what I was looking for was growing, for 28 years I paid attention to what is challenging and hurtful for people with ADHD. But last night my focus changed and I fell in love.

What triggered my newfound love?

A woman posted a request to our Facebook group. She wrote that she spent too much time sitting on the couch watching TV and asked the community to suggest hobbies that she could pursue. In general, posts seeking answers receive 25 to 50 comments, but 175+ people responded to the hobby request!

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As I read their responses, it dawned on me that people with ADHD are caring and ready to help in any way they can. Her suggestions were thoughtful and at times cheeky and humorous, which only increased my admiration. What innovative and creative people contribute to this community.

With excitement and joy, they shared their passions for knitting, diamond painting, mountain biking, photography, woodworking, crystal growing and many other hobbies. Often times, their responses included photos of their hobbies. I kept smiling as I eagerly read each entry, and was amazed at the variety of interests.

The next day I grabbed some of your ideas to share with you. I wanted you to fall in love with our community if you haven’t already, like I did last night. Love makes everything better

Hobby ideas from the ADHD group

  • Rock climbing
  • Create 3D objects
  • Bouldering
  • Night skiing
  • play the drums
  • Working on cars
  • Design and screen printing of individual t-shirts
  • Build model boats out of wood
  • Shooting pool
  • Fly fishing
  • rowing
  • Collecting and Recovering / Repairing Old Video Games
  • Play with remote controlled airplanes and helicopters
  • Playing the djembe (a rope-tuned, skin-covered goblet drum that is played with bare hands)
  • Practicing Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music)
  • Create digital paintings
  • Brew beer
  • solve riddles
  • Belly dance
  • LARPing (Live Action RPG)

How are you? Please share your hobby ideas in the comments below.

Hobby Ideas For Adults With ADHD: The Next Steps

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