September 26, 2021


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Particular schooling trainer chosen as September ‘One Class At A Time’ winner

The winner of one class at a time in September is Christopher Thompson of the Benjamin Franklin Elementary in La Quinta.

After receiving his award during a zoom ceremony due to COVID restrictions at his school, he said he was “super excited because that means I can do my job better and these kids can reach their potential, which is what that.” Coolest is “.

He wore his red cape in honor of Superhero Day at school and explained why he couldn’t be more excited to be an award winner this month.

He said the $ 500 would help him meet the individual needs of his students, which sometimes requires him to spend some of his own money on necessary supplies.

Mr. Thompson said he needed to get creative to keep up with an ever-changing class schedule, adding, “You may know this student. You may not know this student, so the needs are different every year. “

In addition, his personal experience as the father of a student with special needs inspired him to teach.

Mr. Thompson said, “You need people who can find these children and meet those needs.”

Currently teaching boys from kindergarten through second grade by working closely with their parents, which he believes is important for the success of all of his students, he noted, “We’re all on the same team.”

His work has not gone unnoticed and appreciated by members of the community, including attorney Walter Clark, who is responsible for funding the award.

Mr. Clark thanked Mr. Thompson for the service he has “provided over the past five years as a teacher.”

Mr Thompson said he will use his prize money to buy manipulations that will help his students learn through a multi-sensory approach.

Tune to Channel 3 at 5:00 p.m. to learn more about Mr. Thompson’s story.

To apply for next month’s “One Class At a Time” award, visit


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