November 15, 2021


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Particular Schooling Message from Government Director

Message from the manager(Message is coming soon)

The San Diego Unified School District is dedicated to identifying, locating, and assessing all students in the district from birth through 21 years of age.

The district is committed to providing free and adequate public education to eligible students with disabilities in accordance with federal and state laws, including students enrolled in private schools, districts of the state, highly mobile students with exceptional needs, etc. For information, call 619 – at. 725-7770.

These services are provided according to the individual needs of the students. After a team consisting of educational professionals and the parents has determined the individual needs of the students and considered a variety of factors, an individual education program (IEP) is created. An IEP is a legal document that describes how the San Diego Unified School District provides services to a student with exceptional needs. Special Ed support and services are provided under the Disability Education Act (IDEA 2004).


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