Particular schooling, different companies advised as makes use of of stimulus cash in Prince William colleges | Headlines

Funding for special schools, student rehabilitation services and mental health services were among the top proposals during a meeting on Tuesday where speakers provided input on how Prince William County Schools should spend $ 87.5 million through the American Rescue Plan were provided.

Stephanie Parisi, a mother of two students in the school system, was among those calling for more money for special education services.

“I know your Prince William County special education department is great compared to others, but there are some specific things that definitely could use some attention,” she said. “Sensory spaces are one of the things. Two of my children attend Triangle Elementary School and have a small sensory room that is the size of a closet. “

American Rescue Plan funds must be used to meet student needs and learning loss, among other COVID-19-related issues. At least 20% of the funding, or about $ 17.5 million, must address the learning loss due to the pandemic.

Prince William students missed nearly three months of learning when schools closed in March 2020, and many students and parents have complained of learning difficulties due to online training. This made the remediation services a focus of the proposals made during Tuesday’s meeting.

“Prioritizing the ratios for students to get more accessible one-on-one services is critical,” said Sandra Curd, another spokeswoman. “Spend on remedial action that students can rely on. […] Don’t write it down; provide the services. “

Angela Piscitelli, a representative on the school principal’s teaching council and member of the parent-teacher-student organization, suggested using funds for the mental health of students and staff, a shortcoming highlighted in numerous school districts during the pandemic.

“Mental health resources have long been scarce and we now have an opportunity to address this shortcoming, especially now that it affects many more in our community,” said Piscitelli.

The school council is expected to approve a spending plan for the funds by August 2, after considering the proposals presented at Tuesday’s meeting and another for June 22nd and responses from a survey.

Before the funds can be spent, the school system must file an application with the Virginia Department of Education detailing what it will be used for. The application will be submitted by September 1st.

“The input collected will be used to help plan for the best use of the. to direct [American Rescue Plan] Means to help students, staff and families return safely to full-time on-site teaching, ”the survey says.


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