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Particular concentrate on particular training

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Because the BVI recognizes Special Education Awareness Week, they place greater emphasis on discovering and helping students with learning disabilities in the territory’s educational system.

According to Afiya Smith, a special education officer, the Department of Education and Youth uses the week to raise awareness of special needs education in schools and also to help students with learning difficulties.

“There are students who, following the procedure we currently have in our schools, are referred by their teacher to the support staff in the school, be it a counselor or a special needs teacher. They then go through the process to identify the challenges the students face, whether they are reading-based or cognitive or memory problems, “said Smith.

“Then when there are more challenges we will move on to see if the student has a disability or not. There are students who don’t make it to this level who only need some limited services that we can offer within our school to meet their needs, ”added the special education teacher.

How to identify special needs

Smith said special education is a service for students with disabilities, and not necessarily a new curriculum or subject offered in schools. She said to determine if students need these services, they usually “pull-in” or “push-out” based on the information gathered.

“Here we either take the students out of their general education and offer some level of support, or we go into class and offer these students support in the form of accommodation where they can get extra time if we find that they do need. “Requirement,” said Smith.

“It could also be a resource class where we have a support unit in our secondary school where these students study their English, math and science. Basically, Special-ed is a service and we don’t limit it to one area that is math or English, we provide that service and meet the needs of those students in our system, ”she continued.

Special Education Week

Special Education Week takes place from November 29th to December 3rd and is currently highlighting the areas of special education in the Virgin Islands.

There are a number of students in the school system from kindergarten through 12th grade who require special education. The theme of the week is “Don’t see your disability, see its possibilities”.

Smith said that as an educator, she noticed that people are always focusing on students’ disabilities and not what they can offer society, and that’s why they chose the topic.

“I thought it was fitting that we should highlight this possibility. We try to get our community, our schools, our jobs to understand this. You have options, there are areas of strength that we need to use to capitalize on so we can see the full potential of these students, ”she said

The week started with their virtual opening ceremony on November 29th; then they had a word-recognition bee that broadcast live on the government’s Facebook page on December 1st. On Friday they will have “Rock the Color of An Ability” where residents will be asked to wear colors that support any disability.

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