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Fear is one of humanity’s main struggles. We all need some level of fear to survive, a healthy awareness of our surroundings and our responsibilities, but it can often get out of hand.

The Insight Treatment Center is an outpatient mental health care facility for adolescents and their families struggling with mental and behavioral diseases.

In a recent episode of Insight Teen Treatment Hour on KHTS radio, presenter Jennifer Campoy and guest speaker Dr. Michele Witkin The Effects Of Anxiety On Teens.

Dr. Michele Witkin, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist is a local therapist in Santa Clarita with a particular interest in anxiety disorders, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Her practice here in Santa Clarita focuses on treating children, adolescents and adults with anxiety disorders.

One of the things that was discussed between the two professionals in this current episode was how parents can help their child or teen who is struggling with anxiety.

Dr. Witkin mentioned that as parents, often the first instinct is to comfort and calm down, but many parents feel exhausted and realize that their child cannot be comforted enough to remove their fear. This creates rifts and conflicts within the family, creating tension between all family members.

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Treating anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder doesn’t have to be intimidating. The what-if questions rule your life or the lives of your teenagers, and it’s time to learn some professional coping and strengthening methods, all with advice for parents too.

The Insight Treatment Center for Adolescents and Their Families is a unique treatment center that not only focuses on the problem at hand, but how the family as a whole can begin to heal and grow.

Treatment and help do not have to be the last resort. If you see your teen having trouble, have an open conversation with them as best you can and try to determine together what the next steps are. When a teenager needs healing, a whole family needs healing and important skills that you can all learn together at Insight Treatment.

Click here to visit the Insight website and learn more.

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