August 17, 2021


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Outdated Navy Provides Boy with Autism His Personal ‘Magic the Canine’ Model After Aggravating Retailer Go to

We all get into routines and it can be quite confusing when something is bothering you. These disorders can often be even more stressful for children with autism. A California mom with a son on the Spectrum says a retail store recently went out of their way when it had such a problem.


Rebecca Harlow was escorted to an Old Navy in Clovis, California with her daughter and five year old son Heath in tow. When they walked into the store, Heath was upset because he didn’t see the “Magic the Dog” mannequin, which is usually in the front.

Harlow wrote in a Facebook post: “Heath loves the dog that is on display at Old Navy. You know the one. The happy, smiling figure who greets you at the door. Today the dog was not among his mannequin friends. Heath was instantly annoyed and hurried through the store with increasing fear and shouted, “Dog !? Where did you go?! Where are you?! He is gone!!'”

She explained that this was especially annoying for him because he relied on predictability and routine to get him through the day.

To calm him down, Harlow found a clerk who asked where the dog was and told her why it was so difficult for Heath. When Harlow found out that Magic wasn’t on the display at that moment, she went shopping again. Fortunately for Heath, the clerk stood behind him, wanting to make sure he was okay.

Harlow wrote: “She came up to me later and told me quietly that the dog would be in the display now if Heath wanted to see him on the way out. You might think I’m strange now, but if you know, you know … My eyes filled with tears at the kind gesture and I couldn’t wait to tell Heath about it. “

To the surprise, she went forward with him and his sister. When he saw the dog return to its place, Heath’s face twisted into a smile and he hugged the mannequin in relief. Harlow says the gesture is deeply touching.

She wrote: “On days of sadness or rigidity or feelings that are just too big for his small body and mind, my heart explodes to see his happiness, which is having a hard time in this world. You made him smile and I’m very grateful for that. “

The sweet story could have ended there, but the shop had another trick up its sleeve.

Shortly thereafter, Heath was invited to another surprise. Old Navy headquarters had heard from Heath and decided to give the five-year-old his very own Magic mannequin. The retailer told People that they were touched by the story and wanted to do something for him, and said they believe in more than just selling clothes.

After Heath picked up his new canine friend, Harlow shared the update in another Facebook post saying, “Heath’s magical moment !! Many thanks to Old Navy and your kind-hearted staff! “


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