June 17, 2021


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On-line lessons. A tribute to academics. How they form up children

Hey guys, welcome back to momlifeandlifestyle. As we all know, schools are about to start and this year it will be online study as well. Well, I never thought kids would study online for a full year! And look, another academic year has already come.

Online courses for preschoolers:

Preschool is about getting the hands-on experience of school, friends, change in the environment and learning. It’s not just me, but most preschool parents. Somehow this situation stopped children from learning in real time.

Online lessons

Teachers and Students – Online Classes:

I have to admit, the teachers and school management do a great job, but lead the lessons, especially for kindergarten and preschoolers. I have two girls, the older one is in first grade and the younger one is in kindergarten. And the teachers would have a hard time getting the kindergarten children into class.

Even for grade 1 and above they would take a hike in the curriculum and I could see the teachers having such a hard time making ppts and easy to understand notes for kids.

Participation in lessons with children:

Although it has gotten online, all parents have easy access to what is going on in the class, and teachers are constantly on the lookout for the parents. This wouldn’t make them any less confident in what they are doing.
Yes, I sit with my children during class. But I don’t feel the need to explain or repeat what the teacher has already said. Thanks to online lessons and clear instructions from teachers, children can access the technology on their own.

Online lessonsOnline lessons

Heroes at the moment:

Without a doubt, we would all welcome all the frontline workers, hygiene, daily wages and health care workers. We must also have the same respect for all teachers, academics and everyone involved in an easy way out for children and students.

Not just the lesson, a personal message during the time off school, we would have help and clarification of our concerns.
My little one is really looking forward to attending class and seeing her teacher. Though she acknowledges that she is the kindergarten kid and who is less focused to sit for all classes. But show interest when I say ‘You have homework’ – come running! This shows! That speaks!

My older, more confident, to attend classes myself. Notify while the class starts. Answer while the teacher asks. Sure, she loves her school days!

Despite all these amazing things between teacher and student, there is still a lack of practical experience. I hope it gets better and we would all go back to normal. So that these children get their childhood back.

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