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Oil Metropolis Speaks! ‘This so-called ‘Schooling Marketing campaign’ is in reality a political marketing campaign’

CASPER, Wy. – Nice Friday! What do you think of the upcoming special election considering a “sixth cent” tax in Natrona County? What about the possibility that Wyoming voters might be asked to consider marijuana reforms next year? Are you OK with the Natrona County School District’s Mask Policy for the New School Year?

We’ve been collecting reader comments submitted in response to our coverage this week that touch on all of that and more. Look at them hot takes, thought-provoking views and heartwarming comments in the latest issue of Oil City Speaks!

ZZ top bassist Dusty Hill died last month and his guitar technician Elwood Francis has followed in his footsteps, playing alongside band founder Billy Gibbons on vocals and guitar and Frank Beard on drums.

Article goes below …

The Thursday night show at the Ford Wyoming Center was almost sold out. Francis started growing a beard during the COVID lockdown in 2020, according to Gibbons, and while some fans in Casper were saddened by Hill’s death, they saw Francis step in as a tribute to Hill’s memory.

it is heartwarming to hear that the people were full of energy from the Thursday night performance. Did you have a favorite song when you were there? Who would you like to see play in Casper?

  • The city of Evansville held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday to celebrate the opening of a new road that will provide emergency access in the event that train derailments block existing access in and out of the community. Let’s look at a. on thought-provoking comment to:

The new road crosses Veterans Road north of Reshaw Bridge and runs about a mile east to Metro Road. Veterans Road leads to Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery. Tim suggests that Evansville consider building a memorial to document the history of the area.

The new access point is needed because the previous three Evansville access points (Western Avenue, Curtis Street and Evans Street) were all crossed by railroad tracks. The railroad ended use of the Oregon Trail in the 1890s. Could a memorial dedicated to the Oregon Trail and other historic hiking trails in the area encourage people to look at the ongoing changes in transportation infrastructure from a long historical perspective? What will Evansville and the Casper region’s transportation infrastructure look like 100 years from now?

The special election will take place on November 2, 2021. If voted in by voters, the temporary special purpose tax would be used to generate ~ $ 4.4 million for two separate projects:

While Knell said Tuesday he thought the tax was “badly needed,” he also said he didn’t believe the city council was involved in the decision to put LUM Studio on a public education campaign to educate the public. Trying to emphasize the role of city manager Carter Napier in this decision, he said questions about the contract should be directed to Napier. Mayor Steve Freel, however, said he welcomed questions from citizens about the public education campaign.

In June the city council, including Knell, voted for a resolution in support of the election. The Midwest, Edgerton, and Evansville City Council also passed resolutions in favor of holding the election. The final decision to hold the election came from the Natrona County Commission.

City manager Carter Napier stressed Tuesday that the public awareness campaign must remain informative in nature and that it cannot legally include efforts attempting to influence voters in one direction or another on November 2nd.

Marc is skeptical that the “Enlightenment” campaign will really be purely informative. What do you think? Do you understand what a six cents temporary special-purpose sales and use tax is? Do you understand how it works Do you know the projects that are supported? Do you think the city should hire a company to run a campaign to give voters a clear understanding of what they are going to be voting on? Or do you have similar concerns as Marc?

What is the difference between an informative and a convincing message? Do you think there is a clear, large gap between these two concepts? Or can even informative messages convince in a subtle way?

The Bird Dockless Scooter Story and the Sixth Cent Sales Tax Story were both released on Tuesday. Although they deal with completely different subjects, they both relate to Casper’s councilor.

Facebook and other technology companies use algorithms to deliver various types of content to users. How do these algorithms actually work? Since the algorithms work invisibly in the background while people deal with content online, Jessica is to be thought-provoking Question could stimulate further investigation. When you see stories, ads, or other content on your social media feed, then you wonder why that particular content is compared to something else? Do you notice patterns in the type of content displayed?

Have you ever tried doing some experiments to learn more about how the algorithms adjust content for your eyes? What if you just searched for jalapenos on Youtube or Google for three months? What if you changed the way you use Facebook’s “Like” features?

Would you see different content if you just kept pressing the “angry” reaction button all the time? What if you never pressed anything like? How sophisticated do you think these algorithms are? Do they analyze the content you put in comments? Do they record how long you look at a particular picture of your grandchild? How much does the algorithm use how you scroll your finger on a mobile device?

The National Libertarian Party announced Wednesday that organizers can begin collecting the 41,776 petition signatures needed to put marijuana reform measures on the ballot in Wyoming next year. A voting initiative aims to legalize medical marijuana. The other aims to decriminalize personal property.

Chris’ comment is to be thought-provoking because it suggests that if Wyoming were to legalize or decriminalize medical marijuana, it could potentially result in more people moving here. What do you think of this possibility? Do you want more people to move here? In your opinion, what are the benefits? Do you want the state’s population to remain small? Do you see advantages from this perspective?

Information on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines is available from the CDC. Millie suggests that people should think long-term when deciding whether or not to get the COVID vaccine. Some who are reluctant to get the vaccine have concerns that it is so new and would like to wait for more information about it. Local and state health officials recommend people get vaccinated if they are eligible.

If you turn away from the vaccine question, what do you think of Millie’s suggestion that people think long term? How often do you think long term? In your opinion, which areas of life are better when you consider a reduced timescale? What will Casper look like in 50 or 100 years? Do you find such questions interesting? Have you noticed any impact your social media use could have on how often you think long term?

NCSD officials said Monday that the new day school will provide an alternative option for students who might otherwise be placed in 24/7 residential programs, which are often outside of the county and out of state. While some students can still be enrolled in these 24/7 programs if the day school doesn’t suit their particular needs, the new program in the mothballed school complex of University Park allows students to be closer to home and go home at night and on weekends.

The new program could also save the district some cash, as 24/7 housing programs can cost more than $ 200,000 per student per year, according to district officials.

Is that a smart move for NCSD? Will it help to improve the education of young people and give them better life prospects in the long term? Will it help you save money in the long run? In the long term, did it make sense for the district to mothball the university park facility rather than sell it in order to run this program? Do you see any potential problems the new program could encounter when it comes to launch?

  • That’s all of Ölstadt speaks for now! Disagree with everything we said? Big! Feel free to join discussions about what is happening in our community by commenting on stories posted on Oil City’s Facebook page. Have a great day!

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