NYC Summer season Rising program begins Friday for particular schooling college students

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The Summer Rising program in New York City begins Friday for special needs students.

Summer Rising is a new, free program available to all New York City students, including students with disabilities, in the five boroughs. The first day for students with 12 Month Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) is Friday July 2nd.

If your child in grades K-8 has an IEP that recommends an extended school year (12 months), the Summer Rising program provides the opportunity to participate in activities in a Summer Rising program after the school day ends. There is also a remote option for interested families.

Students with 12 months of IEP service will participate in the summer program from July 2 to August 13.

The program takes place five days a week from 8:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m., optionally with an extended day. There will be no summer Independence Day program on Monday, July 5th, and there will be no program for Eid al-Adha on Tuesday, July 20th.

Students receive instruction and related services based on their IEP, as well as an enrichment program that may include artistic activities, outdoor recreation, and field trips.

All programs are run by local school leaders and trusted community-based organizations.

Staff are prepared to address the children’s social and emotional needs and offer academic support, arts and leisure.

Each student is served breakfast, lunch and a snack daily.

Families can choose the location that is most convenient for them, e.g. B. Enrolling in a Summer Rising program in or near a child’s District 75, ASD Summer, or Extended School Year (ESY) location. Or, they can enroll in a Summer Rising program near where they live.

Some students with disabilities may need additional assistance to take part in the extended hours of the Summer Rising program. Additional support, like a paraprofessional, is provided as needed.

If you have any further questions about the program or other support options, you can contact your school principal or

For students with only 12 months of services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy or physiotherapy, the city’s Ministry of Education will work with families as much as possible on recommended offers and participation in the Summer Rising program. Families with additional questions can contact

Students with IEPs or 504 plans on recommended buses from the curb to school are eligible for transportation to Summer Rising locations.

A bus is available for these students to arrive at their Summer Rising location at the start time of the lesson and to be picked up at the end of the lesson. In the morning the students arrive from 8 a.m. and in the afternoon the students are picked up at the end of the session, but no later than 3 p.m. The bus is not available if the extended day ends at 6 p.m.

Families whose child is driving from curb to school can complete the alternative PM submission form for post-class transportation to another Summer Rising program if they have chosen to have their child attend at a different location.



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