January 14, 2022


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research summary

  • According to research in pediatric oncology, pediatricians may need more training to help families access school accommodation, particularly with virtual or hybrid learning formats. JAMA Pediatrics
  • One in four people with a PTEN gene mutation has autism or features of it, according to a review of studies. Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Modeling of interneuron migration in forebrain assembloids derived from people with Timothy syndrome has revealed altered function of cytoskeletal proteins. cell stem cell
  • According to a review article, researchers have made advances in using brain organoids to model neurodevelopmental conditions. cell regeneration
  • After cochlear implantation, deaf autistic children show a wide range of outcomes in terms of communication and attention skills, according to a parent survey. Spectrum covered the intersection of autism and hearing loss in a 2020 feature. Otology and Neurotology
  • According to a birth cohort study in Australia, socioeconomic status, maternal depression during pregnancy and maternal smoking appear to influence the severity of autism traits in children. autism
  • Medical trainees and doctors in Russia have limited knowledge of treatment options for autism. BMC Medical Education
  • Mice with a specific mutation in the CACNA1C gene, which is associated with autism and other brain disorders, have altered neuronal activity and social behavior. Translational Psychiatry
  • Researchers describe a novel missense mutation of the NLGN3 gene found in 25 percent of autistic people studied in northern India. Genomics & Computer Science

science and society

  • A group of geneticists has published a memoir of their colleague Stephen Warren, a Fragile X expert and former editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Human Genetics. American Journal of Human Genetics
  • The US National Institutes of Health updated their NIH Brain Initiative to focus on three goals: an atlas of brain cell types, a connectivity map, and tools that can target specific cells. cell
  • A group of researchers with experience in infant brain imaging answers common questions raised in peer reviews. Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience
  • An autistic woman who was fired for “unprofessional communication” has sued her North Carolina-based employer, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act. The News & Observers
  • A neurologist and a campaign expert advocate neuro-advocacy, arguing that doctors should speak up and advocate for policies that benefit people with neurological conditions. JAMA Neurology

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