August 23, 2021


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Nothing to see right here! 60% of deaths are Covid vaccines on 30 year-old database

By John Stone

This is a brief examination of the public data as it was in mid-August 2021. I would add that the point is not that this is the highest quality data, but that it is the only data there is – we are deliberately withholding real data, at best through negligence, as the FDA early on admitted to the New York Times. They hadn’t got the machinery working – or more likely, they had it running and just didn’t tell us about it. And so we return to VAERS, which in 2010 was diagnosed as so poorly diagnosed that less than 1% of events were recorded (at which point US government agencies apparently realized they had a good cause and decided not to streamline it). . So here are two relative measurements.

42% of all reports to VAERS from 1990 to August 13, 2021 concern Covid vaccines (595,662 / 1,409,664)

60% of all reports to VAERS “where patient died” from 1990 to August 13, 2021 concern Covid vaccines (13,068 / 21,936)

I’m not saying we should just multiply these numbers by 100, but they do indicate that something is drastically wrong.

In the meantime, we have another data collection from the UK through August 11th. We should keep in mind that the UK population is one fifth of the US and the licensing authority, MHRA, generally estimates that the reports are about 10% of the cases.

So far there have been 347,032 yellow cards, 1,151,768 adverse events, 1,596 fatalities

This is divided as follows:

Pfizer 36.6M doses 104,446 (1 Yellow Card out of 350) 293,779 Adverse Events (2.8 per card) 501 Fatalities (1 in 73,054)

Astra Zeneca 48.6 million cans 228,239 yellow cards (1 of 213) 813,622 adverse events (3.6 per card) 1,053 fatalities (1 of 46,154)

Moderna 2 million cans 13,325 yellow cards (1 of 150) 41,274 Adverse events (3 per card) 14 fatalities (1 of 142,857)

Brand unspecified 1,022 Yellow cards 3,093 Adverse events 28 fatalities

The fact that three brands have such different side effect profiles argues against this being background noise, but there are overwhelming reasons why most reports are never made: people don’t call because they don’t know, because they don’t know how to do it because the ethos is overwhelmingly hostile and they think it’s wrong, or they are scared because they are too sick or even dead. For comparison: The average number of vaccination reports in the last ten years was 3,039 with 8 deaths: 200 times as many deaths and we are not there for a year: Out of scale and the world is ruled by madmen.


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