October 8, 2021


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Nonspeaking Autism & Imaginative and prescient: A Nationwide Autism Affiliation WebiNAAr

Whatever pathways, treatments, therapies, educational models, medical treatments, behavioral programs we pursue, the only, perhaps the only thing that has ever united the diverse autism community is the desire to help our children. From our friends at NAA.


Is non-speaking autism a cognitive disorder or could it actually be a difference in motor skills? Have non-speaking children been mistakenly diagnosed with intellectual disability simply because they lack the fine motor skills necessary to speak? Join us on Monday for part 3 of our series on non-speaking autism.

Our first two webiNAArs were viewed by thousands of people via Zoom and Facebook. (Reruns are available on our Facebook page under Videos or in the Autism ATRIUM section of our website.) In our next session we will meet with Dr. Dana Johnson talked about eye motor control and apraxia – an incredibly important topic that many of us have never considered. Do not miss this! Click the registration link below for more information.

Date / Time: Monday, October 11 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT.
To register for this free event through Zoom, click here. The number of participants is limited!
For those unable to connect via Zoom, we will also be doing live streaming on the NAA Facebook page.


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