July 27, 2021


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No Cup of Kindness From Some NYT Commenters

Holy cow, the generation that demands we accept everyone, love everyone, let everyone decide for themselves, put mental health first, root out bullies and sing kumbaya before breakfast on a Facebook post on the New York Times win on the men’s swimming relay. A swimmer with his back to the camera had cupping marks on his back. When I saw the big circles, I said, “Oh! He uses cupping, that’s cool!” It turns out that many swimmers use cupping as part of their training regimen, including Michael Phelps when he was competing. I don’t use cupping unless you’re counting a Farberware percolator full of coffee every day. But i know what it is And I know that for some people it is part of their health. I accept that. I too am someone who wants to love everyone, who wants to let everyone decide everything for themselves, who puts mental and physical health first, who exterminates bullies. I draw the line by singing kumbaya before breakfast because I’ve never been a fan of the 70s church fair.

Then ….. I read the comments.

If you want to cheer on the US team but the swimmer, clouded by worthless cupping treatments, will make you shudder instead.
Man in a woman's swimsuitHow horrible that this guy believes in “cupping”, the bruises on his back.
Great, more athletes promoting this “cupping” BS. Hickies won’t make you swim faster !!
Cupping. How useless.
Is cupping still a thing? That’s too bad.

I cannot take anyone seriously if this level of rejection for personal decisions is tolerated. Athletes have traditionally used natural health care and nutrition to give their workouts an edge. Look at you, Tom Brady. If he had come out in a women’s swimsuit, he would have been cheered, not ridiculed. Come on guys. Take a good look at what is happening.

“Someone is crying, Lord …” I.


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