October 6, 2021


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Nice Valley Schooling Basis Affords Likelihood To Reward Lecturers

MALVERN, PA – Families in the Great Valley School District have until October 15 to enter a prize drawing that will award five prizes and students will be able to choose the teacher they’ll be awarded a $ 100 prize for give presents to their classroom.

The Great Valley School District Education Foundation (GVSDEF) stated that every GVSD family who signs up to receive GVSDEF emails will be entered into a drawing.

After October 15, five names will be drawn and these families will be able to choose a GVSD teacher.

The five selected teachers will each receive $ 100 to be used in their classrooms. When you sign up for GVSDEF emails, a family will automatically be entered into the raffle. A quick way to register for emails and take part in the competition is to send an SMS to: GVSDEF to 844-783-0028. You can also find information on registration here.

The competition is part of the Great Valley School District Education Foundation’s mission to enrich the overall student experience in the Great Valley School District by working as a community partner through funding programs and special projects in the district. The foundation acts as a bridge between the community, the students and the GVSD schools.

Stephen Skoufalos, President of the Great Valley School District Education Foundation, said, “GVSDEF is always excited to show their appreciation to our teachers. Thank you everyone who takes part in this competition!”

Supporting teachers when they have a project idea is one of the tasks of GVSDEF. “Our goal is to maintain Great Valley’s quality education, ensure a wide and deep educational offering that connects with our students, and fosters innovative opportunities that inspire them.”

The Education Foundation stated that student enrollment in GVSD is increasing.

GVSDEF states it exists because Pennsylvania public schools are under-funded and local counties are being forced to make up the difference. Most urgent are the costs of special schools, pensions, and charter payments, which the foundation has said has grown by a total of $ 311 million in Chester County’s school districts over the past decade.

About 4,600 students are affected by GVSDEF projects every school year, reports the foundation. It has raised $ 1.2 million over the past 10 years. The Foundation estimates that nearly 500 meals were provided to families in GVSD through gift cards purchased through community donations. The pandemic increased needs in the district and the foundation responded by focusing funding on food in 2020. Read the patch history here.

Some of the most recent projects include CPR training for 1,300 students, flexible seating for groups and projects with special needs, and support for hands-on projects that encourage students to connect with one another in creative work.

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