June 18, 2021


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NFL Turns Again Equality Clock

These are the latest NFL rules for gamers – vaccinated and unvaccinated. Funny, I also just heard that Elkay’s stock has skyrocketed as stadiums across the country double their number of water fountains …..

Do you think Tampa Bay will enforce these rules if high profile players like Tom Brady refuse to be vaxxted with them? Tom Brady has consistently taken the Mind / Mind / DIET approach to health. He was known for his rigorous routine and discipline throughout his career. But his parents had a very bad run with COVID. We cannot speculate whether it was him or not Water fountainis gevaxxt, these are his personal medical data. But I think we’ll know soon enough when the media showered him with praise or shit.

The NFL’s COVID rules will cause great inconvenience to unvaccinated players

… fast forward to the season ahead, and vaccines are widely available and effective in the United States. But despite the NFL’s urge to vaccinate its staff, the players’ vaccination rate lags behind the rest of the Tier 1 staff.

But with the newly announced COVID protocols, unvaccinated NFL players will be forced to choose between a very uncomfortable season or one back to normal life. The league doesn’t require players to be vaccinated, but it does make it clear to those who choose to stay unvaccinated that this season is going to feel like 2020 to them.


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