November 7, 2021


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New Anti-Vaxxer – AGE OF AUTISM

By Cathy Jameson

Sitting at a red light on the way to an appointment, I looked over at a small SUV and saw a bright bumper sticker: NEW DRIVER – PLEASE BE PATIENT. I hoped the driver behind the newbie would be patient. It was a rainy and very gusty day. Even as an experienced driver, it made me a little nervous to be on the road that day. After aquaplaning once because the streets already had a lot of water, all I wanted to do was go home. When the light turned green, I saw the new driver carefully drive forward. If I could, I would have wished him well before he left.

When I saw this bumper sticker that several families in my area got for their new teenage drivers, something made me wonder. What if new anti-vaxxers could also be treated with patience, as we are asked by new drivers? As humiliating as the term can be, anti-Vaxxer is a term that is describing more people than ever before this year.

Where it was barely a second thought, people are now questioning the COVID vaccine. I’m playing for a new team, the “Anti-Vax” team, and I greet them with open arms. Some are grateful for the eye-opening experience they had while digging into a hot topic. However, others of them are offended because they woke up in a new reality: vaccine science is vastly different from regular science. These new vaccine skeptics are being treated terribly for realizing this. People get hammered for just asking a question or expressing the slightest concern about the COVID vaccine.

Do your part!

We have to end this now!

What are you afraid of anyway? It’s just a shot.

Just take it. You never had a problem with any of the other vaccines …

Maybe they didn’t have a problem with other vaccines before. But others weren’t as fast as this one.

Maybe they weren’t afraid beforehand. But others didn’t come with the kind of coercion this one has.

Perhaps they had full trust in vaccine science before. But other vaccines haven’t garnered as many reports in VAERS as this one.

Questioning any of this had consequences. Many of us here are used to the backlash the pro-vaccine cult has put in our way. But for the latest in anti-vaxxers? It must be daunting to be treated with such contempt. You learned quickly that there is no such thing as polite conversations about vaccines. They are not carriers of disease, but are now treated as such. Offended for using their intelligence, family and friends avoid them. Like Pro-Vaxxer, they would do anything to protect themselves and their children. The difference is that this particular vaccine won’t be the solution. The more they learn about the vaccine or the people who force it, the less the new antivaxxers trust it. What is a newbie to do?

Rejecting the COVID vaccine is an option. It is an option that will have even greater ramifications for some.

Should they act against their better judgment and just get it?

Can you keep holding the line?

Or do they have to fight like hell?

So much is based on a decision!

Some people, especially the latest in anti-vaxxers, never dreamed that they would go the way they are going now. Confused, alone and betrayed. Surely they are staggering. As a newbie all those years ago, I know these feelings well. I will never forget the moment when I discovered how terrible vaccinations can be. Also, I will never forget the moment when I was able to move forward because of this discovery. I’ll be smarter when I said goodbye to vaccine science. Dozens of other like-minded people are too. We patiently leaned on each other as we forgot everything we had been taught about vaccines. A new, hasty and risky vaccine is causing more people to unlearn everything they thought they knew about vaccines.

The newest members of a group we wish we never had to find, welcome. Let’s work together. Let’s help each other. With mandate deadlines fast approaching, now is the time for the older anti-Vaxxers and the newest to stand up and fight like hell together.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.

If you or someone you know is hosting a rally or mandate walk-out, let us know in the comments below.


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