September 8, 2021


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Nationwide Autism Affiliation Helps Academics Too!

Today back to our roots. We launched Age of Autism in 2007 at the NAA conference in Atlanta. The National Autism Association started out as a kitchen table organization by mothers who wanted more of everything for their children. TACA is a kitchen table organization, just like Generation Rescue at the beginning. Autism Speaks has always been a boardroom organization.

Teachers who work with our children always needed the support and help of their parents. Nobody knows our children like us – and it’s difficult to keep up with a student with autism. Safety is always our greatest concern. And NAA is the fairy godmother of security. Please tell your child’s teachers or SPED directors about the Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit today! And thank you NAA. From our kitchen ….. to yours. XOX Kim

The NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® includes:

  • Printed teaching materials and tools in our BeREDy brochure for teachers
  • Two (2) door / window alarms including batteries
  • Five (5) laminated self-adhesive stop signs for doors and windows

Please note:

  • If you need additional stop signs, alarms or other safety-related items, you can purchase them separately in our Big Red Safety Shop.
  • All printed materials can be downloaded here free of charge.
  • The NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® scholarships are awarded to all qualified applicants on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. You don’t have to donate to get one.

NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkits® have a retail value of over $ 25.00. If you would like to help the NAA continue this program, please consider making an optional donation when requesting your free NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit®.

Regardless of the tools already in place, it is critical to maintain close surveillance and safety in all situations where a person’s health is affecting their ability to recognize danger or stay safe. For more information and ways to help prevent hiking-related incidents, please visit


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