August 10, 2021


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My first eBook, Motherhood Talks

This is the 6th post in a “Know Your Author” series. This is the happiest post in this series. My first e-book, Maternity Talks. I remember the day I chose blogging as my way of expressing my feelings, I never thought I would write my first e-book. Maternity talks.

My first e-book, Maternity ConversationsMy first e-book, Maternity Conversations

Do you know your author series:

  1. Blogging is the reason I chose blogging.
  2. Why Momlifeandlifestyle as my domain name.
  3. How I manage kids and blogging.
  4. Topics that I cover in my blog Momlifeandlifestyle.
  5. Why I write more about single parents / single parents.

Well, that started when I was attending the BlogChatterA2Z Challenge where we have to write 1 post per day based on the alphabets for the month of April. This was the first challenge of a kind. Writing 1 blog post per day seemed impossible to me up to the A2Z.

My first e-book, Maternity Talks

Coming to my first eBook, Motherhood Talks. As the name suggests, it’s all about the journey of motherhood and the feelings behind that smile. As a parent and a lifestyle blogger, I’ve always wanted to write about motherhood and how it feels.

My book has had great use and feedback from readers. Thanks to everyone who read. My family and relatives were very happy and even surprised about the start. Since I never thought about or mentioned writing a book.

My first e-book, Maternity TalksMy first e-book, Maternity Conversations

Yes, being home all the time as a mother of two and children made it a little difficult to keep up with writing. I usually do it after the kids go to sleep. I would like to thank my family, who have been very supportive all along, and not just during my first eBook, but also now that I have to write a blog post.

Download my first eBook, Motherhood Talks. You can download using your Gmail or Facebook ID.

This blog post is part of BlogChatter #BlogChatterHalfMarathon

In my next post, I’ll talk about how other parent bloggers influence me.


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