September 10, 2021


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Motion Alert Inform White Home Your Ideas on the Mandate

Take action to send a message to your federal representative.

Please call: The White House (202) 456-1111

We woke up in a cowardly new world. The President of the United States told millions of Americans he was “disappointed” with them for not taking the Covid vaccine. That is extremely patronizing. He’s not our daddy – NOT a president – he works for us. All of us, whether we voted for him or not. During his candidacy, he said he would not prescribe the vaccine and unite the nation. So much for that. Tomorrow is September 11th and many of us cannot visit New York City because we don’t have the correct “credentials”. Does anyone know if the Taliban let more Americans home? And before you accuse us of being partisan, don’t forget whoever never drained the swamp, the RFK Jr take the shot. SELECTION. We believe in CHOICE. That is our key message. Always will be. From the Autism Action Network – CALL THE WHITE HOUSE and thwart your congressmen and senators. Today.


US Take Action: Biden orders almost everyone to be shot. He has no authority to do this.

Last night, President Joe Biden outlined a six-point plan to respond to Covid, in a speech full of anger at the 80 million adult Americans who refuse to participate in the Covid mass experiment and anger against the governors who reject constant change and mostly science-free federal Covid guidelines.

Biden started by congratulating himself on his job at Covid and annoying Americans who don’t buy his Malarkey. He lied about the safety and effectiveness of the shots. He lied about the FDA approving the shots available in the US. He had nothing to say about people recovering from Covid and gave no indication that he has anything else on his mind to address Covid other than vaccinating everyone by wildly expanding the president’s powers.

The first and most important part of the plan is to force more people to take pictures. After months of denying that he had the authority to give mandates, Biden alleged that he was going to issue the Department of Labor a directive requiring all companies with more than 100 employees to force their workers to be injected or weekly To undergo tests. And he announced that he has signed an executive order obliging all federal contractors to get the shot. Under an existing arrangement requiring all nursing home workers in facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid dollars, the requirement will be expanded to include workers in hospitals, home health care facilities, and other medical facilities. He never asks why healthcare workers, the heroes of 2020, need to be forced to put this product into their bodies.

Please call the White House, your two US Senators from your state, and your House member and tell them that you do not support Biden’s swing to force people to shoot and that you do not believe him the authority has to order people to have injections or to force companies to subject their employees to medical procedures.

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And please click on Take Action to send a message to your federal representative.

Please call:

The White House (202) 456-1111


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