July 24, 2021


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Mothers and Multi-tasking throughout the pandemic. Learn to know extra!

We’ve all been through a lot during this pandemic. It is still uncertain when we would return to our old normal. Affected many and lost our loved ones. We all felt an extra burden of work on our shoulders. One such thing is with mothers who multitask like a pro!

Here in India, the mother takes on most of the housework and especially the upbringing of the children. This pandemic has shown us a whole new version of a mother.

It is just amazing to see how mothers have dealt with the overload they have faced. Cooking, cleaning and not forgetting that everyone was at home and that means neither free time nor time to yourself.

And now the online classes! In my previous blog post, “Online lessons. A tribute to the teachers.” I mentioned how hard teachers and other academic staff go out of their way to keep up with students and how difficult it is to teach children online.

Mothers and multitasking during the pandemicMothers and multitasking during the pandemic

I would also like to explain how a mother tried to take care of a child’s studies. especially preschoolers. Let’s not forget how hard it is to get a preschooler to do a task. You’re always so hyperactive. Like all the time!

You eat less, but you are more active. And letting her sit down for a task is insane! Teachers and mothers alike participated in the child’s progress in school. And as a mother of two girls, I can safely say that it drives me crazy sometimes when both of them sit down for class.

Mothers and multitasking during the pandemic Mothers and multitasking during the pandemic

To all of the mothers who tried so hard to keep up with the kids’ chores and study. You are a teacher and a mom at the same time!

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