July 3, 2021


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Mother Will get Move for Leaving Little one in Automobile However By no means for Vaccine Selection

Two differentt worlds for Connecticut mothers.

We had a case of chickenpox in our high school this week. “How did that happen?” Asked a member of the local chapter on Facebook. The first comment? Blame the Anti-Vaxxers! Dozens mixed in with hatred, vitriol, disrespect, bullying, meanness about people they don’t even know, and a case of chickenpox they don’t know about. Each jerk stimulated the next jolt. Some of these people with “Hate Has No Home” signs in their gardens. I live here, I know these people.

We also had another case where a child was sitting in a car that was stolen from the gas station. Usually in these cases the child is brought to safety. The car thieves don’t look for kidnapping charges if caught. Thank goodness this was a 9 year old who went back to the Gas station theft Gas station where her mother stopped late at night to put air in her tires. The teenage thief jumped in and drove off with her sleeping daughter in the back seat. Girl wakes up to find a stranger in Manchester who has stolen mom’s car: police

One of my jobs is teaching martial arts. Our most basic self-defense techniques are not kicks or punches. You will teach students to use a high dose of common sense. We tell everyone to lock the car when you refuel. Even if you have been driving to the same petrol station for 20 years. Even if the gas station is 5 minutes from your house. Especially at night. That means, if you’re at the gas pump outside of your car (unless you are servicing people in NJ), your car is locked. Or in this case in Connecticut, on the air pump.

Many of the comments on Facebook were FAST to defend mom. “Leave her alone! She’s punished enough! Have you never made a mistake?” Of course, mom feels terrible and will forever regret the decision. It was a mistake that will haunt them. And I feel for her – mom to mom. We all know it was a terrible misjudgment and oversight. Still, her daughter could have been killed.

But think about it every time you’ve heard of a mother who chose not to fully vaccinate her child. Whoooeeee! The hammer falls as if Thor got up on the wrong side of a poorly built IKEA bed. Why do some mothers get a passport and others get their asses kicked?


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