August 13, 2021


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Mother targets: Anne Curtis wins at parenting with Foodpanda

Anne Curtis is back in the Philippines as the loving mother of her daughter Dahlia in what is arguably the greatest real-life role she will ever play.

“Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m one of those celebrity mothers I look up to now. Celebrity moms are true heroes when it comes to managing their careers and family time. When I have notes and shoots, I sometimes come home late at night. So I really need to manage my time and make sure I get home before Dahlia’s dinner, ”she said.

Quality time with her family is what makes her so exciting, she says. “I feel so pale every time I see Dahlia and Erwan doing things together. When Erwan was preparing dinner for Dahlia, she wanted to be next to her dad and automatically made those cute little dances and gestures that are just so adorable. “

One of her latest collaborations is with Foodpanda, with its catchy pop star concept that Anne says she really liked to film. “It was so much fun filming and I miss singing! That’s why I immediately accepted when Foodpanda contacted me and told me about the concept! “

Anne also points out the timeliness and relevance of the Foodpanda service.

“The food delivery is really what everyone needs in these times. I also noticed that there are many local vendors on Foodpanda who support small local businesses. It is important to me that there really is a brand behind the fun concepts that is relevant to people now and that I would personally use, especially when our chef is busy at home. That’s why I am very grateful that I am part of the Foodpanda family! “

She even tried other delivery apps in Australia and noticed the difference from Foodpanda.

“The special thing about it is that they have so many offers. I really rely on products that give me more of everything. Who doesn’t like offers and discounts every day? You will also receive even more offers and other additional benefits when you subscribe to Pandapro. “

“It is so helpful to have all the important things conveniently delivered to your door. When I work and have a quick shoot at home, I treat the team to a pizza by having Foodpanda deliver it quickly and easily. This convenience gives me the freedom to do other things and I can be a super mom and make sure everything is in order even when I’m busy. “ (PR)


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